Community Minibuses

Who can use the scheme?

Many community groups organise trips that need a minibus. Unfortunately some members are unable to take part because they need to use a wheelchair or have problems with an ordinary vehicle.

The scheme is intended for groups like Age UK, Sheltered Housing Residents Groups, and other clubs which aim to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities or frail elderly people in our community.

We operate the scheme on behalf of Devon County Council to hire minibuses in this area to local voluntary community groups to improve access to facilities, shopping centres, leisure amenities or outings.

What is available?

The minibus has a tail lift and other safety equipment to ensure passengers are carried in comfort. There are up to 15 seats some of which will need to be removed to accommodate wheelchairs.

We currenlty have an accessible vehicle with a ramp available for hire duing the week and at weekends.


The 15 seater vehicles are normally not available during the week until after 5pm but are often available at weekends.

How much?

Charges start from 35 and a full day's hire would cost 60, mileage is charges at 55p per mile. A half-day charge would be 35. A 50% non returnable deposit will be required for all full day hires. Groups are invoiced after the journey and payment should be made within 14 days.

If a driver is required, a hourly rate of 8.50 will be charged for the duration of the hire

Charges are reviewed annually in June.

All prices are exclusive of VAT.


All drivers of the bus must be pre approved by us. Drivers MUST have a D1 on their licence. Groups / individuals can provide their own drivers who must be approved by Devon County Council. We may be able to provide a volunteer but it may not be possible to provide a driver on the day you wish to go out. Groups should remember that no part of the hire charge is paid be the driver.

How to apply

  1. Call us on 01884 242099, Monday to Friday from 9am to 4.30pm. If we are unable to take your call please leave your name and telephone number and we will ring back. Please try to give at least 24 hours notice.
  2. Complete the form for free registration with Devon County Council, this is for insurance purposes.
  3. Make detailed booking arrangements including: date, start/finish times, pick-up points, destination, number of passengers, number and type of wheelchairs. It is important to stick to the finish time as the vehicle may be required elsewhere.
  4. The vehicles often have to start very early in the morning to please leave them clean and tidy. This is NOT the responsibility of the voluntary driver.
  5. ANY defect on the vehicle or incident in which the vehicle has been involved must be reported to us as soon as possible.
  6. Groups hiring the vehicles are liable for the insurance excess of 200 in the event of an incident regardless of blame. To reduce the burden on individual groups a contribution of 2 per hire is requested to build up a fund to pay the excess.